Two new organizations join DCA

Keltaisella pohjalla Rasmus ry:n ja ACS Finland ry:n logot sekä vihreässä alapalkissa DSL:n logo ja vieressä teksti 'Demokraattinen sivistysliitto'.

DCA’s Association Commission has approved two new member applications. Rasmus ry and African Civil Society in Finland – ACSF ry join to the civic association. We welcome organizations to our group!

Rasmus – Rasismin ja muukalaispelon vastainen yhdistys ry is Finland’s national network against racism and xenophobia. Organization promotes inclusivity, diversity and peaceful coexistence of communities.

In the center of its view is that everyone should be treated with the equal amount of respect and have equal opportunities. The NGO works as an umbrella organization for smaller groups, clubs and individuals that work in antiracism field. The NGO is an active promoter of youth programs that are creating different kind of events concerning culture, arts and sports.

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ACS Finland is formed for the purpose or enhancing the awareness level among Africans. It provides a forum to enable them to participate in seminars, workshops, training and conferences so that they can be fully involved in multicultural activities and be better informed citizens ready to positively influence the way we perceive ourselves and are perceived by the world at large.

Aim is to promote positive understanding among Africans and the wider society in order to promote the integration and social inclusion process in Finland. ACS Finland will seek international co-operative projects that emphasize education and self-support in social and cultural activities.

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